The Miserly Skinflint Curmudgeon decides to have a blog.


Well I’ll tell ya… she’s had me in a yahoo group, she’s had me on a website, she’s had me on a blog and now she’s putting me on another blog. Dang it anyway. Well neighbors, you know what this means, dontcha? She must be feeling better cause she’s left me alone now fer about 5 years. She went off to to speak her mind about the war, then she went and got all caught up in politics and elections, and what else — the long Iraq war. And I was glad she left me alone fer a long while. But here I am again, the Thrifty (Miserly)

The Thrifty (Miserly) Skinflint Curmudgeon

Skinflint Curmudgeon on a blog!

Here goes, then, more ways to fuss with the homestead, fixins from the chow-wagon, messing in the garden, and finding all them ways to squeeze more out of a buck. Adding mye 2 cents here, I don’t know if she’s gonna stick it out, so why don’t ya’ll give her a hand.



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