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and here comes Hints from Heloise with those wonderful tidbits that older generations found useful – in the days of frugal, thrifty which now often times neatly fits into category of sustainable living! There was that former mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle, which still has reference in today’s time. Of course, taken to the extreme, not so much. So here is the hint:

Fay Mayfield from Kentucky says, “I use tea-bag covers as little note-papers and never run out. Also, the string tags are great for price tags at yard sales and such.” Why didn’t I think of that?


Reading Hints from Heloise in this morning’s paper reminded me that the passing of depression-era members of our population does not mean the end of our appetite for how to do things better, cheaper or more efficiently. While Martha Stewart has her own special arsenal of how-to tips, they’ll never be as folksy and down-to-earth as those carried on by Heloise’s daughter in her syndicated newspaper column.

If your old rubber boots are beyond repair, turn them into an art installation.If your old rubber boots are beyond repair, turn them into an art installation.

As Boomers and Gen X’ers, we have a lot to learn about saving the planet from the Greatest Generation who never wasted an atom if it could be re-used. Is there a Boomer who doesn’t remember her Dad patching her brown rubber boots with a cheese-grater thingie, a rubber patch and some glue. Sometimes we wrapped our shoes in waxed paper inside our boots to help keep our shoes…

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Ditch your dryer sheets!

AFeatured image Skinflint kind of idea, except now some of the thrifty ideas are considered as being good to our universe – sustainable living.

Sustainable Stories

Written by Bethany Kogut

One thing that you can’t live without doing is your laundry, but sadly it is not the most sustainable action. On average, an older washing machine, like those typically in on-campus residence halls, use 40-45 gallons of water per load. In order to do your part and run a sustainable load of laundry, it is important to make sure you don’t run a load until it is completely full. I know I am not very committed to the rules of colors and temperatures, and I’ve only dyed one white tank top pink. It may be beneficial to mix together some colors to fill up a complete load, with caution of course! One other way to make your laundry more sustainable is to make your own reusable dryer ball to keep your dryer, clothes, and planet away from toxic chemicals used as a softener. This can be…

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Nothing since the year 2008, why do I keep this blog anyway?

Long time no see.   Visiting this blog I started so many years ago, the technology has moved on with Etsy, Pinterest, so many others of this type along with the so many cottage industries and books in organizing, crafting, home decor, recycle, upcycle, reuse, repurpose and there really is no need for my little blog at all.   But then it’s an old friend, like looking at an old snapshot of a time gone by.   I’ll keep it for now, see what I can do to freshen it up.  Maybe I can repurpose my ol’ Skinflint … I started back in the very early 90’s and had some fun with the early technology that has since made enormous strides.  Just call me and my Skinflint .. ..   wait for it  .. .. ..  left behind.