Nothing since the year 2008, why do I keep this blog anyway?

Long time no see.   Visiting this blog I started so many years ago, the technology has moved on with Etsy, Pinterest, so many others of this type along with the so many cottage industries and books in organizing, crafting, home decor, recycle, upcycle, reuse, repurpose and there really is no need for my little blog at all.   But then it’s an old friend, like looking at an old snapshot of a time gone by.   I’ll keep it for now, see what I can do to freshen it up.  Maybe I can repurpose my ol’ Skinflint … I started back in the very early 90’s and had some fun with the early technology that has since made enormous strides.  Just call me and my Skinflint .. ..   wait for it  .. .. ..  left behind.

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