Second Hand or Vintage?

Fortunately thrift store shopping has become trendy, meaning it might be fun to find vintage, collectibles, antiques, even wearable fashionable clothing.  I’m from a time period when shopping at thrift stores was not a happy symbol of status in society, rather a need based on income, so thrifty though it might be, it was worrisome to wear the badge of experience I have earned and learned over the years in being thrifty.  Now the terminology of thrift shopping, vintage, collectibles, antiques, diy,  make overs,  recycle, upcycle and repurpose take in the broadness of the definitions of thrifty.  And sometimes it isn’t thrifty at all, yet with the crash of the economy it has become fashionable to approach projects in a thrifty way.   So goodbye to the awkwardness, even embarrassment of using the word thrifty as having yesterday’s meanings attached to it.

The ol' Skinflint --- from thrifty to downright cheap.

The ol’ Skinflint — from thrifty to downright cheap.

Today, shopping at thrift stores could well mean a number of things.  It could mean a vintage consignment store, it could mean give aways that have more to do with the mercurial changing fashions, or changing tastes, impulse buys causing second thoughts post purchase, re-gifting, or just flat out items that don’t fit well, don’t work well in fashion, or decor.  It could mean looking for those hard to find items that are yesterday’s treasures and part of a movement back to retro is cool today.  With advances made over the years in social media,  Pinterest, Facebook, even smart phones with selfies and instant photos, my little corner of the world has been assimilated into a much broader spectrum.   And on that note, it helps me to think about expanding what I post to this blog on a different scale.  I so worried about copyright in those early days of blogging, and now well as long as the credit goes to where the idea came from ….. right?


How to make a vase out of Wine Corks

Hey, I know the Thrifty Skinflint Curmudgeon is not a diy blog, and in reblogging this project, it is Thrifty! I know I have a bag full of wine corks in our new place – somewhere – just don’t know where …. yet. Part of the problem in a move, is that I knew where stuff was where we lived before and haven’t found yet all the places of honor for my stuff since we moved. I can make this project, so can you … now where is that bag of wine corks? Notice also her recommendation that making these vases could be an idea for rustic type wedding decor, or rustic type bbq or back yard picnic gathering

Where My Soles Go

I love saving wine corks. I have hundreds of them. They make a cute decoration in a large hurricane glass or mason jar, and I always think of ways to use them for a fun DIY cork project (but never end up following through, which is how I ended up collecting so many).

This week I decided it was time to make something fun with the corks. So, I dusted off my hot glue gun and made an adorable wine cork vase. It is perfect with Spring right around the corner, and gives me an excuse to (a) buy flowers at the corner bodega, and (b) drink more wine to replace the corks I used from the Mason Jar on my coffee table.

Below are quick and easy instructions to make your own vase.

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Here is what you’ll need:

-8″ Square Vase. They can be hard to find in stores so I bought mine on Amazon

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Salt Water Spray for Hair

after washing hair, spray salt water, scrunch hair as it dries …..

When I came across a little tidbit that recommended spraying salt water on your hair after washing it, then allowing it to dry, scrunching the hair from time to time, I was like ‘yeah’ …. that is why my hair was behaving differently when we did live on the coast.  Salt in the air, salted water, salt spray – of course, that will work.

We aren’t living on the coast any more, no salted air exposure, so I immediately put some sea salt into a spray bottle, added water and now spray my hair after each wash to give it that extra bounce.  Sometimes I let it dry naturally, scrunching as time passes; sometimes I have a hurry up and blow dry my hair, scrunching as I go.  I am liking the results!