Skinflint way to Re-use Household Items


Reusing household items:


Clothespins can be used in many ways other than hanging garments on the clothesline. Use them to hang skirts
on wire hangers instead of buying expensive special skirt hangers.

Use clothespins to hold potato chip bags closed. To keep cereal fresh, fold the inner bag down and hold closed with
a clothespin.

Glue a magnet to one side of a clothespin and you have a notepad holder for your fridge. Use one to hold grocery list.

Rubber Gloves

Don’t throw away your rubber gloves that get holes in the fingers. Cut them in strips from the wrist part down to the fingers and use them for rubber bands. They’re study and don’t break. Use them on everything from computer CD holder to keep categories to holding toothpaste, brush, floss etc. togethere while traveling.

Sock Dust Rag

Use the sock as a dust rag, you can slide the sock on your hand and clean your house right up! It is great for furniture, in the kitchen and in the bathroom too!

Another Use For Old Socks

Cut off the cuff of sock and turn inside out. Sew across bottom and turn right side out. Slip over your Crisco oil or other vegetable oil bottle in your cabinets and keeps from getting oily spots in your cabinets.

Uses for Aluminum Pie Pans

Near the holiday times, I save a few aluminum pie plates large and small (or ask a friend for some). Wash and dry these well and fill them with different types of candies, etc., to give to special people. One advantage is you never have to worry about having a plate returned and silver is a holiday color!

Plastic Bags

Instead of tossing those annoying plastic bags from grocery store, use them to line small wastebaskets thru the house. They are perfect “pooper scoopers”. Also, they do a good job as packing material when shipping a box of items. Another thing to use them for is to throw vegetable peelings on them as you peel, then just
roll up the bag, and no mess!

Uses for Potato Water

Just cooked potatoes? Don’t throw the water down the drain. After boiling potatoes, set aside the water to cool. After it is cool – use it to water your houseplants. They love it.

Reusing Cereal Bags

Do not throw out your cereal bags. When I finish a box of cereal, I shake out the waxpaper bag and reuse for storage, or reuse to freeze a package of meat from the meat department.

Keeping Celery Crisp

Wrap celery in aluminum foil when putting in the refrigerator and it will keep much longer!

Line Refrigerator Drawers With Paper Towels

Line the drawers of your refrigerator with paper towels to absorb moisture, your fruits and veggies will stay fresher and it makes for easier cleanup of your drawers.

Save The Rind From Fruit

Save the rind – don’t discard the rind of lemon, grapefruit or
oranges. It makes excellent flavorings for cakes, frostings and
such. Wash it well and grate, being careful not to include the
bitter white part (called pith) under the rind. Put it in a
tightly covered glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

Leftover apple, orange, or lemon rind can be put into your tea as
it’s steeping to add a wonderful flavor and aroma just like the
fancy gourmet tea blends.

Add Oatmeal to Homemade Cookies

When making homemade cookies always add 1/2 cup dry oatmeal. Your cookies will not spread all over the pan and they will be delicious!

Handy Device For Dog Training – A Pop Can

An empty pop can with a few pennies or washers in it. Put a small piece of duct tape over the hole to keep the pennies in. When dogs exhibit inappropriate behaviour, just shake the can. It gets their attention in a hurry!