More hints

Using Up Eggnog – Egg Nog French Toast

add whipped eggs to the egg-nogg and make up lots of French toast. Can then freeze up 4 slices to the bag for later
consumption. It can be warmed with a double trip through a toaster or on medium heat in a microwave oven.

Can also use in place of the milk called for in meatloaf recipe and it was fine!

And don’t forget eggnogg latte, if you have one of those home espresso-making machines.

Keeping Christmas Wrap Rolls from Unrolling

When putting Christmas wrap, ribbon, bags etc. away, noticed the rolls wouldn’t stay rolled up without the aid of tape (which ruins the paper). Try instead a pair of knee high nylons. Cut across the legs in strips, slide them on the rolls of paper and Voila! Neat rolls and recycling too!

Making Special Mashed Potatoes

Add about 1/2 cup of Ranch dressing to mashed potatoes.

Out of Season Clothing Table

Store out of season clothing in a garbage can topped with a round table top and cloth. This can serve as a side table, night stand, etc. This is an especially good space saver for a small home or apartment.

Keeping Microwave Food Moist

Keep leftovers moist while heating in the microwave. Take one paper towel. Wad it up and run it under the faucet. Squeeze the excess water out. Unfold and cover food. Not only will this keep your leftovers moist, but it’ll prevent food from “popping” all over the inside of the microwave. For extra moisture, drizzle a little water over the damp paper towel to provide a steam heating for your food.