Rag Rug and Homemade Bed MattressTopper

 I don’t remember where I got these two tips, something I was saving and don’t know if there is a linkback.  If it’s your idea and you want link credit, just let me know.

Homemade Bed Topper

This decorating tip is to create a mattress topper to revive an old mattress or for use as sofa bed support mattress or even as a floor mat when a house guest visits.

Collect or purchase new low cost bed pillows, standard or queen size; fiber filled ones usually run $2.00 each or use old ones you already have that have gone flat. Collect enough, approximately 9-15 pillows. Stitch together sides and ends in a vertical manner, much like a quilt is prepared. You have now created a topper! Cover with a bed sheet when in use and store in a plastic comforter bag.

Much less expense and just as comfy as a faux feather bed topper!

If you have a pampered pet, this would make an awesome bed for them as well. Just scale it down in size and cover with their favorite blanket. Sweet dreams!

Rag rugs

Haven’t yet done this, not sure it would work.  Saving old fabric, tear into 2 inch strips and save in rag bag.  Using variable strips,  sew strips together to form long chains.  Crochet the chains into rag rug using croceht pattern.  I’ve read about crocheting plastic bags into rag rugs.  I’m sure a google search will net how to croceht rag rugs patterns.