How to make a vase out of Wine Corks

Hey, I know the Thrifty Skinflint Curmudgeon is not a diy blog, and in reblogging this project, it is Thrifty! I know I have a bag full of wine corks in our new place – somewhere – just don’t know where …. yet. Part of the problem in a move, is that I knew where stuff was where we lived before and haven’t found yet all the places of honor for my stuff since we moved. I can make this project, so can you … now where is that bag of wine corks? Notice also her recommendation that making these vases could be an idea for rustic type wedding decor, or rustic type bbq or back yard picnic gathering

Where My Soles Go

I love saving wine corks. I have hundreds of them. They make a cute decoration in a large hurricane glass or mason jar, and I always think of ways to use them for a fun DIY cork project (but never end up following through, which is how I ended up collecting so many).

This week I decided it was time to make something fun with the corks. So, I dusted off my hot glue gun and made an adorable wine cork vase. It is perfect with Spring right around the corner, and gives me an excuse to (a) buy flowers at the corner bodega, and (b) drink more wine to replace the corks I used from the Mason Jar on my coffee table.

Below are quick and easy instructions to make your own vase.

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Here is what you’ll need:

-8″ Square Vase. They can be hard to find in stores so I bought mine on Amazon

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Hints from Heloise live on

and here comes Hints from Heloise with those wonderful tidbits that older generations found useful – in the days of frugal, thrifty which now often times neatly fits into category of sustainable living! There was that former mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle, which still has reference in today’s time. Of course, taken to the extreme, not so much. So here is the hint:

Fay Mayfield from Kentucky says, “I use tea-bag covers as little note-papers and never run out. Also, the string tags are great for price tags at yard sales and such.” Why didn’t I think of that?


Reading Hints from Heloise in this morning’s paper reminded me that the passing of depression-era members of our population does not mean the end of our appetite for how to do things better, cheaper or more efficiently. While Martha Stewart has her own special arsenal of how-to tips, they’ll never be as folksy and down-to-earth as those carried on by Heloise’s daughter in her syndicated newspaper column.

If your old rubber boots are beyond repair, turn them into an art installation.If your old rubber boots are beyond repair, turn them into an art installation.

As Boomers and Gen X’ers, we have a lot to learn about saving the planet from the Greatest Generation who never wasted an atom if it could be re-used. Is there a Boomer who doesn’t remember her Dad patching her brown rubber boots with a cheese-grater thingie, a rubber patch and some glue. Sometimes we wrapped our shoes in waxed paper inside our boots to help keep our shoes…

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Gifts in a Jar – Collections


Straight from your kitchen; it’s become a holiday tradition now – the growing collections of ‘gifts in a jar’.  They are all over the internet, blogs and websites.  Thought I’d make a post, open a category and collect links to what is already out there.  Since so many have built their own collections, it would be redundant for me to repeat one by one, so let’s go for collections.

Found this one today at ‘The Old Front Porch’ and they have a pretty good collection already underway there.

The Miserly Skinflint Curmudgeon decides to have a blog.


Well I’ll tell ya… she’s had me in a yahoo group, she’s had me on a website, she’s had me on a blog and now she’s putting me on another blog. Dang it anyway. Well neighbors, you know what this means, dontcha? She must be feeling better cause she’s left me alone now fer about 5 years. She went off to to speak her mind about the war, then she went and got all caught up in politics and elections, and what else — the long Iraq war. And I was glad she left me alone fer a long while. But here I am again, the Thrifty (Miserly)

The Thrifty (Miserly) Skinflint Curmudgeon

Skinflint Curmudgeon on a blog!

Here goes, then, more ways to fuss with the homestead, fixins from the chow-wagon, messing in the garden, and finding all them ways to squeeze more out of a buck. Adding mye 2 cents here, I don’t know if she’s gonna stick it out, so why don’t ya’ll give her a hand.